Mr. Dittes gets Passive-Aggressive

Every year of students I teach has a grammatical fingerprint for me, errors that seem to pop up again and again, whether I'm teaching honors or standard-level ELA.

This year I have found one quality of the Class of 2018 to be quite frustrating: it's capitalization. The errors pop up particularly when it comes to capitalizing proper adjectives, and the one word that I find more frustrating than any other is the word, "American"--or, as an annoying minority of my students would write, "american."

Grading my last batch of essays, I spotted the mistake once again. I had already featured a sentence featuring the word in a previous grammar assignment. At this point of the semester, though, I'm putting their sentences into ACT-style questions to prep them for the April 19 test.

This was one of the questions I placed on the quiz:
The girl thinks she has to be a blonde barbie doll to fit into a american girl. 

I programmed the Google Form to take the incorrect answer using the word, "american," and jump the user to the following image

I'm not just a grammar teacher. I'm defending America here!