Editing Venn Diagrams in Google Docs

One challenge I've had since I moved to the paperless classroom has been the use of the Venn Diagram.

Now, I'm not a history teacher. I'll won't use a VD more than once or twice a semester, but today, I discovered a remarkable tool that Google has added to Docs/Drawings.

We have been reading the Iroquois origin myth this week--the turtle's back, the muskrat, the right-handed and left-handed twins, etc.   I like to close out the unit by comparing the Iroquois with at least one other myth--usually the Apache.

Why? Because any culture that can incorporate a Tarantula into its origin myth is AWESOME!

Today, as I reviewed an earlier worksheet I had made, I noticed a long list of instructions I had given, showing students how to create their own VDs on Google Drawing. Here it was:
    1. You can insert a Venn Diagram into your Notebook (do it on paper if you can’t figure it out)
      1. Insert Menu→ Drawing
      2. From the Shapes menu (circle/square icon) select two circles and make the diagram. Hint: the interior of the top circle (bucket icon) should be transparent
      3. Create a text box (T-inside-a-square icon) for each of the spaces in the Venn
      4. Fill in the blanks with 2-4 examples for each.

Anyone who knows teaching knows that the likelihood of getting a full class to follow these directions in 1 or 2 tries is low. Today, as I was showing the assignment to students, I noticed something different about the Ven Diagram I had placed in the worksheet two or three years ago.

Do you see it? 

It was the word, "Edit," in the lower, left-hand corner!

This is my first year using Google Classroom. When I had assigned the activity, I had chosen, "Each student will get a copy." Now, on their own worksheets, students could edit and add what they had learned without following complicated directions!

Thanks Google!