Random Character Trait Generator

One type of web site I have used often this year in Creative Writing is the "random generator."

Earlier this year I had students use a First-line Generator as a writing prompt, leading to much glee and several very clever stories.

(Of course, I realize that these awesome generators are further proof that the job of a creative writing teacher will soon be turned over to robots.)

Today, I was planning for classes on character traits. It occurred to me to Google "character trait generator." Over 4.2 million hits later, I landed on a "Character Trait and Quirk Generator."

Click a button, and you will find up to five different character traits. Here's a screen shot:

My character has a dramatic flashback every time they hear a harp AND they have no respect for walls? You don't say!

Here goes:

Myron was late to the symphony. He always seemed to be late. He dated women who had no respect for time. He left his tuxedos at drycleaners that didn't seem to start his order until he showed up to pick it up. There were always excuses--many excuses--but whenever the orchestra was in town, he felt drawn.

Today his excuse was his and his alone. He had just left the hospital, stopping at home long enough to put on a shirt and tie. There had been several blackouts the past two months. Police had been called four times. Charges had been filed once. Each case had begun with an urge to get inside a room. Instead of searching for a doorway, Myron had begun to beat at the separating wall, or throw himself into it. The only end to the violence, in each case, had been a concussion.

In the worst case--the one involving charges--Myron had broken through a wall at the dentist's office. The wall between his desk and the office bathroom also bore scars. Four days in the hospital, Myron hoped, would arrest the anxiety. A new prescription offered hope that the episodes were over, which made Myron even more glad to be on his way to the symphony this evening.

His father had been in the symphony--first violin. His mother had played the piccolo. Growing up, Myron had been surrounded by music. He had taken lessons in clarinet from a young age, and he had seemed on track to follow in his parents' footsteps until the winter of his 13th year, Myron's father had walked out on the family to move in with a harpist. He never spoke to his son again....