Two Key Words for finding German-Language videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best teaching tools for foreign-language educators. From music videos to training videos to history, it has everything a teacher could want.

In recent years, I've tried to find more way to immerse my students. I have found that German teens are uploading videos that I can readily turn into lessons form my German-language learners. The trick is knowing which key words to search.

We are moving into our final unit of the semester: talking about clothing. Last week, I spent a planning period looking through YouTube, and I found some great videos. The first keyword that I used was "haul."

German kids love to shop--and German girls, in particular, have set themselves up as lifestyle consultants, posting videos about the items they've bought in their last "haul." (I understand that American teenaged girls speak, "Haul," too.) When I researched school supplies, I used the keywords, "Schulsachen haul," and quickly I had dozens of videos of kids talking about their school supplies--affirming vocabulary I had introduced in class.

I used "Kleider Haul" on my most recent search. I had plenty of videos. The trick was sorting through the videos to find one where the girl spoke clearly (I had help from a student, but she accidentally referred me to a Danish girl's haul, something that took me two or three minutes to figure out.

Once I had selected the YouTube haul, I put it into EduCanon and came up with this video lesson, which I will use tomorrow.

Isn't this a great lesson--thanks to a great app like EduCanon, I have a "learning haul," thanks to Ema Louise's recent visit to the mall to shop for clothes.

The second keyword I learned was "Lookbook," which works really well with fashion. There are dozens of Lookbooks on YouTube featuring Germans showing off fasion. Here's an example that I used today:

The vocabulary is right there on the page. Girls in the class were talking about the clothes and commenting. I added to this a video called "Outfits für Jungs," to feature boys' clothes. After watching these two videos, students blitzed through the vocabulary list for clothes. It was really fun.

"Haul" is a really valuable keyword for teachers looking for videos that demonstrate products like clothes, make-up, and school supplies.