Fusion! Microsoft Office now works with Google Drive with this Add-In

I'll try to cram them in one post:

First, last night I finished Paul Theroux's The Lower River. It was my 80th finished book of 2015!

Cool new Google App
When I learned from The Gooru this morning that Google has a new add-in that lets me upload my Microsoft Word files directly to my Drive account, I was giddy. I often lay out class reading assignments in Word because I can insert line numbers easily. But most of my classes are run through my Drive account--with folders for each class, unit, ect.

To date, this has meant laying out an assignment in Word. Downloading it as a PDF, then uploading it to the correct unit folder--a couple of extra steps I didn't need. This year, when I went back to look for assignments I did last year, I didn't know whether to look in Google Drive or my OneDrive/ Microsoft folder (or on my computer, where I keep my antiques).

Installing the add-in wasn't easy. The Gooru article just told about the app. I went to several blind turns before I found out how to do it.

I went to the tools website from Google and downloaded the add-in. I was a little worried because I cannot install programs on my computer without help from the district office. It was easy. Once the add-in was downloaded, I ran the installation.

A quick check of the Word document I had open didn't show any changes. But when I restarted Word, I found this:
So now I have an option to save to either Drive or OneDrive, whichever is best for me.

Also, there is now an additional tab on my Word menu.
This is even better, because I can share the document with specific students, set permissions, and even move the document into the correct class/unit folder.