Tom Sawyer's Allusions

In chapter 35, Tom Sawyer grows frustrated with Jim's confinement, stating that "You got to invent all the difficulties." He has been reading books, and he knows all about the way that escape stories should go.

To prove that his plan is best, Tom says:
"Well, if that ain't just like you, Huck Finn. You can get up the infant-schooliest ways of going at a thing. Why, hain't you ever read any books at all?--Baron Trenck, nor Casanova, nor Benenuto Cheleeny, nor Henri IV (of France), nor none of them heroes?"
BONUS: what are these stories that Tom is referencing? Research the four stories at the center of Tom's complaint in two sentences or less, then tell what the four characters had in common. (+7 points) [Picture: Baron von Trenck]