Thursday, September 16, we studied Walt Whitman. He's one of the truly most radical of the Romantics, and we did a couple of radical things.

First, we "connected" with a blade of grass. That's right, we went outside, picked a blade of grass and connected. Some wrote about the food chain, and our relative location to grass in that food chain. Others mentioned how they had been stepped on many times, yet they kept on growing.

Our second activity outside was a loud, "Yawp." We walked across the student parking lot. William Lee Golden, of the Oak Ridge Boys, lives on the other side of Station Camp Creek. Since he looks so much like Walt Whitman, we "yawped" in his direction.

Some students, like Austin M and Kenoa blurted yawps that echoed all the way to the quarry and back. Others like Gracie and Davis were more ladylike in their yawping. I didn't hear any barbaric yawps, at least not in 1st block.

Do you see the resemblance?

Walt Whitman, 1860

Mr. Golden, 2010
I doubt he heard us.

What do you think? Are there any Oak Ridge Boys lyrics that are Romantic? Whitmanesque? Bring some in for extra credit.